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The Difference Between Sports Bars in Orlando and Other Florida Cities

Most of us have become accustom to watching our favorite teams in the local sports bar eating, drinking and generally having a blast. Now while sports bars are a great way to enjoy our favorite sporting event, is there a difference between sports bars in Orlando and those in other Florida cities such as Tampa Bay, or Miami? The difference lies in the settings and the overall vibe of the bars.


While Orlando may be known as the theme park capitol of the world, there is an amazing assortment of sports bars that will allow you to catch the match. Orlando has a wide variety of authentic pubs and lively sports bars pouring delightful brews while quenching your thirst for sports.

One of the unique attributes of Orlando is its being known for its specialty in offering different types of beer. There are so many cool little spots in the city that serve craft beers, beers on draft, and  This place will be a great joint to catch a game with buddies and enjoy a nice, cold beer. In addition, in Orlando  you can find neat hide away bars that are run and served by folks straight from Ireland, England,  and other traditional beer loving countries which offers patrons an authentic and unique experience. If your visiting Orlando you’ll be thrilled with all the options available to you and your party while watching your favorite teams.


Besides pink flamingos, South Beach and Pitbull, Miami is known as a city with an incredible history steeped in arts and culture, architecture, and or course fair weather sports fans.  Due its diverse population origfinating from around the country in any number of sports bars you can find fans of almost any major sports team. You can find angry Jet fans arguing with laid back Dolphoin fans, or Miami Heat fans gloating to Bulls fans. No matter the fan or their loyalties you can always enjoy a game in one of the many sports bars available. In Miami it easy to spot famous actors, politicians and even find bars that will host pro athletes giving anyone an opportunity to meet the stars and get autographs. In Miami happy hours typically begin as early as 11am and goes throughout till 8pm.

Tampa Bay

In Tampa bay sports lovers are always at home. Numerous sports bars can be found in every neighborhood, complete with draft beer, high-definition TVs and fantastic food. You might more soccer fans and sporting events being hosted at Tampa Bay sports bars as well.

All these three cities have their own specialization, but the sports bars in Orlando will offer you a well, and organized environment that touches on every angle.


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